LPD - in line Large Particle Detector

The Large Particle Detector is a compact particle detector for applications in ultra pure and chemical aggressive media. The detection limit of 1 µm-particles makes this sensor particular suitable for in-line process monitoring and control of complex and high concentrated submicron dispersions, micro-emulsions, polishing slurries or pure fluids.*
*The integrated evaluation unit with a LCD-display, the RS485 interface as well as the free programmable digital or analogue output minimizes additional hardware requirements and guarantees an easy connectivity to a PC or PLC.


  • Large particle detection in pure fluids and in slurries
  • In-line quality monitoring of CMP slurries
  • Prevention of micro scratches at polishing processes
  • Filter control
  • Optimization of filter lifetime
  • Defect detection in supply systems
  • Ultrapure and chemical aggressive liquids

Special Features

Detection limit 1µm
max. concentration ca. 10.000 p/ml
max. Pressure 5 bar
Degree of protection IP54
Temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Dimensions 150 x 90 x 180
Process interface Flaretek© 1”, ¾”, FNPT 1”
Power supply 24 V DC (18-36 V), 200 mA
Communication RS485
Analogue Output 4 – 20 mA
Wetted materials PTFE, FPM, Sapphire, PFA
Fully plastic housing, no metallic parts


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